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Standards-based Report Cards

Districts looking to implement standards-based report cards can seamlessly transition with the help of Partners4Results. Our comprehensive platform offers an easy-to-use, turnkey solution that simplifies the shift from traditional grading methods to standards-based assessments. Our customizable templates and automated data collection streamline the reporting process, reducing administrative burden and ensuring accurate, objective evaluations of student performance. With real-time tracking and detailed analytics, districts can confidently adopt standards-based report cards, enhancing educational outcomes and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Automated Evidence Gathering: Combine with our Assess360 assessment module to automatically gather evidence of student mastery, ensuring a consistent and reliable method for determining student learning levels against the district’s learning expectations.

  • Support for Reteaching and Retesting: The standards-based grading module and Assess360 assessment module support reteaching, retesting, and the submission of additional evidence, providing opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery on particular learning targets.

  • Behavior Tracking Integration: Student behavior characteristics can be incorporated into the Standards-based Report card, allowing teachers to record and communicate concerns about behavior separately from academic mastery. This helps in addressing critical success factors for school, college, and life.

  • Customizable and Accessible Report Cards: The standards-based report card is completely customizable, allowing districts to format it to their needs. Report cards can be printed, emailed, or made available in a student/parent portal, ensuring accessibility and flexibility in communication.

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Discover the power of our innovative Standards-based Report Card by downloading a sample today. Experience firsthand how our comprehensive system provides a clear and accurate assessment of student progress and achievement, aligned with learning targets and standards. See how the customizable format and detailed analytics can transform your approach to grading and reporting, making it easier to track student mastery and communicate effectively with students and parents.


The Partners4Results InsightEDU Analytics module is a powerful tool designed to enhance student success by collecting, integrating, enriching, and analyzing data. This module helps teachers and administrators in K-12 school districts understand the decision points, policies, programs, and resources that impact student outcomes.

Pathway Navigator

Pathway Navigator is a comprehensive educational tool designed for K-12 educators, administrators, students, and parents to plan and monitor students' educational experiences. This innovative application focuses on key areas such as educational pathways, career and college readiness, course placement, student progress tracking, and credit recovery. By providing detailed dashboards and data-driven insights, Pathway Navigator ensures that students are well-prepared for their post-secondary goals and supported throughout their academic journey.

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