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What We Do

From out of the box to custom applications

Our Expertise

At P4R we work with a wide range of clients, no district is too small or too large. To meet your needs we can provide an out of the box, ready to use system or provide a completely customized system including development of new applications and integrations with virtually any data source.


standards selection

Organize and identify priority and supporting standards for units of study across all grade levels and link "I can" statements to the standards. P4R has common state and national standards loaded or can load any district-specific standards. Get your standards out of binders and available 24/7.




data analysis

View analysis and standard reporting on all assessments for real time reporting and feedback on the curriculum and instruction. We support a wide variety of statistical analysis and longitudinal reporting. Standard reporting includes:

  • Item analysis - performance by question
  • Standard analysis - performance by standards (questions grouped by standards)
  • Comparative analysis -  class performance
  • Flexible standard assessment analysis

Student groups can be created from all reports and we support both tabular and graphical displays. Tabular reports can be exported and charts can be printed.




curriculum mapping

Create curriculum maps that provide week by week lesson plans with resources and assessments linked to your standards. The curriculum maps are visible online 24/7 and feedback can be provided within the map to the curriculum developer. By linking with standards and assessments to curriculum, professional learning communities are empowered to discuss results and the resources that were used to create best practices in areas students excelled and interventions and adjustments in areas where students did not meet expectations.


software development/integration

Call us to discuss your vision for custom software development. Modify also any our our existing applications/modules to meet your needs including:

  • RtI (Response to Intervention)
  • MTSS (Multi-tier System of Support)
  • SLO (Student Learning Objectives)
  • Service Hours Tracking
  • Eligibility Reporting/Notification
  • Distinguished Student Tracking
  • Data Analysis
  • Student Grade Tracking
  • Student/Parent Reports
  • ELL Tracking

We can also integrate with virtually any data source or school information system including Schoology or College Board for the auto download and loading of SAT scores into your data analysis and reporting.







Create online or paper and pencil assessments linked to your standards using multiple methods (multiple choice, rubric, constructed response, student answer, gridded response/SAT type and essay) to identify student achievement, growth, and depth of knowledge. P4R supports physical education tracking based on FitnessGram and can handle the import of standardized assessments such as ACT, PARCC, STAR, SAT, and NWEA. Our servers can easily handle high volume bubblesheet scanning and student online assessments especially during finals time.                                          


data warehouse

All data is stored in a state-of-the-art, secure, dependable, and scalable environment. The data is structured to ensure every piece student data is related to provide a comprehensive view of every student over time.

Our flexible data loading process provides the capability to convert or modify any data being imported into the data warehouse.  For example, we can convert raw data into performance levels or calculate percentiles.