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Pathway Navigator

Pathway Navigator is a comprehensive educational tool designed for K-12 educators, administrators, students, and parents to plan and monitor students' educational experiences. This innovative application focuses on key areas such as educational pathways, career and college readiness, course placement, student progress tracking, and credit recovery. By providing detailed dashboards and data-driven insights, Pathway Navigator ensures that students are well-prepared for their post-secondary goals and supported throughout their academic journey.

​Use Cases & Applications
  • Educational Pathways and Student Course Planning: Students can select a career pathway and plan courses under the guidance of their counselor, ensuring alignment with their post-graduation goals. Progress tracking shows how completed courses and grades align with their plan.

  • Career and College Readiness Dashboard: A comprehensive dashboard allows students, parents, and staff to monitor critical indicators such as credit status, GPA, SAT/ACT results, AP courses taken, attendance, service hours, extracurricular activities, and career pathways.

  • Course Placement Applications: Use data-driven insights to help district staff make optimal course placements, considering previous grades and standardized assessments. Staff can override system recommendations to best meet individual student needs.

  • Graduation Progress Tracking: The ability to track student progress towards graduation is crucial. Pathway Navigator provides tools for students, parents, and staff to monitor this progress, ensuring students stay on track and meet their graduation requirements.

  • Credit Recovery: For students falling behind in earned credits, the Credit Recovery module offers a structured plan for catching up. Students can self-reflect on their goals and work with counselors to develop a recovery plan, focusing on aligning their efforts with post-graduation aspirations.

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Standards-based Report Cards

Our comprehensive platform offers an easy-to-use, turnkey solution that simplifies the shift from traditional grading methods to standards-based assessments. Our customizable templates and automated data collection streamline the reporting process, reducing administrative burden and ensuring accurate, objective evaluations of student performance. With real-time tracking and detailed analytics, districts can confidently adopt standards-based report cards, enhancing educational outcomes and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Communication Link

Efficiently communicate student progress, assessment results, and other critical student information through a portal, email, or text, addressing the need for streamlined data dissemination. Ensure transparency and accountability by including tables, charts, and links, and track the delivery status of emails to mitigate issues like bounces and unopened messages, ensuring crucial information reaches parents and students effectively.

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