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Assessment Module

In today’s knowledge-based, highly technology world requires students to master higher-order thinking skills.  The 21st century student needs skills like recall, analysis, comparison, inference, and evaluation.  Multiple forms of assessment are needed to provide a balanced assessment system such as multiple choice, student response, essay, surveys, performance-based assessments scored using rubrics.

Assessment Key Features

  • Assessments questions can be tied to learning expectations and units of study providing feedback on the curriculum and student learning.

  • Assessments can be administered as paper and pencil or online. Paper and Pencil assessments are printed on plan paper and scanned using any district scanner.

  • Any district assessments can be imported into the Partners4Results Assessment module.

  • Assessments can be categorized as district common assessments or teacher assessments or any other category as defined by the district.

  • Assessments can be assigned a type such as formative, summative, growth, SLO, pre-test, post-test, quiz, final or any other type as defined by the district.

  • Assessment setup is quick an easy. The Partners4Results support staff is available to help teachers with designing and creating assessments.



Partners4Results supports virtually any type of rubric for any subject area that the district requires. Rubrics are created using Google Docs, MS Word, etc. Rubrics can be scored either as paper and pencil or online.

Show Student Work

Assessments can be created that require students to show their work and scored with a rubric. Show Student Work assessments can be created for any grade level or subject area with questions tied to learning expectations. Show Your Work assessments also includes essay questions where the student is given a prompt to write to, then scored with a rubric.


One-to-One Assessments

The Partners4Results Assessment module supports one-to-one assessments where a teacher administers the assessment to a student. The one-to-one assessments are perfect for Pre-K, Kindergarten, or ELL students. In the example to the left, this assessment is administered three times a year. The example is a sample from the second administration. As an option, skills mastered in the previous administration can be pre-filled so the teacher does not have to re-test the skill.

“I just wanted to say “thank you” for working so closely with P4R and asking if they can add certain features for Kindergarten. I LOVE that the bubble sheets are prefilled with the areas they know! This is a huge time saver and didn’t realize it until doing it.”

Thank you!

 Julie Wulff  

Kindergarten Teacher

West Aurora School District 129