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The Partners4Results InsightEDU Analytics module is a powerful tool designed to enhance student success by collecting, integrating, enriching, and analyzing data. This module helps teachers and administrators in K-12 school districts understand the decision points, policies, programs, and resources that impact student outcomes.

Features & Benefits​


  • Secure Data Storage: Ensures a secure environment for data storage, protecting both current and historical data to support current and longitudinal analysis, including cohort tracking and year-over-year comparisons.

  • Data Integrity and Integration: Maintains data integrity through robust loading processes, ensuring all data can be traced back to individual students. Integrates with various data sources, allowing for seamless import and export of data.

  • Historical Data Storage: Stores historical data to supplement existing systems, such as daily snapshots of grades and trends from standardized assessments (e.g., STAR, NWEA, aimsWeb).

  • Categorization of Data: Groups data into actionable categories, such as performance levels from screeners, to facilitate targeted interventions.

  • Data Visualization: Leverage multiple visualization options, including interactive charts with drill-down capabilities and tabular views with sorting, filtering, and detailed drill-downs. Supports data export in various formats, including CSV, Excel, and PDF.

  • Configurable and Custom Data Analysis Tools: Provides standard data analysis tools that are configurable to meet district needs. Offers the capability to create custom data visualizations as required.

  • View Examples

    Explore the powerful capabilities of InsightEDU by Partners4Results through our gallery of examples. These reports and visuals demonstrate how our comprehensive analytics can transform data into actionable insights, driving student success and enhancing educational outcomes.


    Revolutionize how you manage and administer student evaluations. Use technology in both paper and pencil and online assessments to significantly reduce the time spent on creating, grading, and managing assessments. Versatile features support personalized learning and inclusivity, making it an indispensable tool for enhancing educational outcomes and operational efficiency.

    Standards-based Report Cards

    Our comprehensive platform offers an easy-to-use, turnkey solution that simplifies the shift from traditional grading methods to standards-based assessments. Our customizable templates and automated data collection streamline the reporting process, reducing administrative burden and ensuring accurate, objective evaluations of student performance. With real-time tracking and detailed analytics, districts can confidently adopt standards-based report cards, enhancing educational outcomes and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

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