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Data Entry and Tracking Applications

Simplify Complex and Time-Consuming Processes with Partners4Results. If your district faces time-consuming or complex processes or needs to store critical data securely for analysis and other applications, Partner4Results offers the solution. By collaborating with our partner districts, we have developed a range of applications to streamline various processes based on their input.

​Use Cases & Applications
  • Service Hour Tracking: Empowers students to enter and track their service hours, and allows district staff to monitor student progress.

  • Fountas & Pinnell Entry and Tracking: Enables teachers to enter student F & P quarterly data and running records throughout the school year, set and track student goals, and utilize Hasbrouck-Tindal oral reading fluency data for insightful analysis.

  • Open Lunch Tracking: Uses grades to determine eligibility for open lunch, identifies students with permission slips and ensures they are not failing any courses, sends email notifications to students and parents about lunch eligibility, and scans student badges as they leave for and return from lunch for real-time monitoring of student movement.

Communication Link

Efficiently communicate student progress, assessment results, and other critical student information through a portal, email, or text, addressing the need for streamlined data dissemination. Ensure transparency and accountability by including tables, charts, and links, and track the delivery status of emails to mitigate issues like bounces and unopened messages, ensuring crucial information reaches parents and students effectively.


 Revolutionize how you manage and administer student evaluations. Use technology in both paper and pencil and online assessments to significantly reduce the time spent on creating, grading, and managing assessments. Versatile features support personalized learning and inclusivity, making it an indispensable tool for enhancing educational outcomes and operational efficiency.

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