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Curriculum Mapping

How Does It Work?

According to the Robert Marzano, he ranks having a guaranteed and viable curriculum as having the most impact on student achievement.  A recent article from McREL International shares how school leaders can assess if their curriculum is guaranteed and viable.

The P4R Curriculum Mapping Module helps ensure the knowledge and skills that students need to know are clearly defined and linked to standards (the guaranteed part) and are planned out so the there is adequate time for teachers to teach the content and students to learn it (the viable part). We provide a curriculum alignment map that links all subject area maps together to provide both a horizontal and vertical view of each unit of study. The Curriculum map categories can be configured differently for each subject area and each map can be as simple or detailed are the district chooses.

Example of a K-5 Curriculum Alignment Map showing how all units are related.

When a unit is clicked on the curriculum alignment map, a PDF is generated of the unit plan. Unit skills can be linked to assessment questions to provide feedback on the curriculum and student learning. Resources (documents, video, audio, or virtually any media) can be linked or embedded into each unit plan.

Example of a Grade 2 LA Unit Plan (Map)

Example of a Grade 2 LA Unit Plan (Map)