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Efficiently communicate student progress, assessment results, and other critical student information through a portal, email, or text, addressing the need for streamlined data dissemination. Ensure transparency and accountability by including tables, charts, and links, and track the delivery status of emails to mitigate issues like bounces and unopened messages, ensuring crucial information reaches parents and students effectively.

Features & Benefits​
  • Ensure Accessibility: Disseminate student progress, assessment results, and other critical information via portal, email, or text, ensuring all parents and students can stay informed.

  • Keep Parents Engaged: Inform parents about the status of various programs such as EL tracking, keeping them engaged and aware of their child's participation and progress.

  • Simplify Administrative Tasks: Send links to important forms, like class selection, directly to parents and students, streamlining the process and saving time.

  • Enhance Communication Effectiveness: Monitor the delivery status of emails, including bounce rates, delivery confirmation, open rates, and link clicks, ensuring messages are successfully received.

  • Foster Transparency: Provide a centralized portal for parents and students to access all communications, making it easy for them to stay up-to-date and informed.

  • Provide Comprehensive Information: Include attachments in emails, such as progress reports and assessment details, offering complete and detailed updates in one communication.

Download Sample Reports

Create parent and student communications using any data that is available and include tables, charts, and links to communicate:

  • How students are doing on standardized assessment and key success factors with historical data to show trends.

  • Status on various programs such as for EL tracking

  • Links to forms such as for selecting classes.

Student Success Communication

STAR Parent Communication

Pathway Navigator

Pathway Navigator is a comprehensive educational tool designed for K-12 educators, administrators, students, and parents to plan and monitor students' educational experiences. This innovative application focuses on key areas such as educational pathways, career and college readiness, course placement, student progress tracking, and credit recovery. By providing detailed dashboards and data-driven insights, Pathway Navigator ensures that students are well-prepared for their post-secondary goals and supported throughout their academic journey.

Data Entry and Tracking Applications

Simplify Complex and Time-Consuming Processes with Partners4Results. If your district faces time-consuming or complex processes or needs to store critical data securely for analysis and other applications, Partner4Results offers the solution. By collaborating with our partner districts, we have developed a range of applications to streamline various processes based on their input.

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