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How Does It Work?

At P4R, we’ve moved beyond identifying and storing the standards. We have developed a framework to establish priority & supporting standards, each with specific success criteria, helping educators effectively integrate standards into their instructional materials in 3 simple steps:

  1. Identify standards that are applicable to your school district and link them to courses.  P4R maintains a bank of standards such as Common Core Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, C3 Standards, WIDA, National Art Standards, etc.
  2. Prioritize which standards are priority, supporting or additional standards
  3. Determine the success criteria for each standard, such as "I can" statements. The success criteria is linked to assessment questions in the assessment module.  P4R provides a list of "I can" statements, which can be used as is, modified, or you can use your own success criteria.

Prioritizing the Standards

Teaching all standards in a single year becomes a daunting task so standards are broken into two categories.

Priority Standards


Supporting Standards

Priority Standards are a carefully selected subset of the total list of the grade-specific standards within each content area that students must know and be able to do by the end of each school year in order to be prepared to enter the next grade level or course.

- Larry Ainsworth


Supporting Standards are those standards that support, connect to, or enhance the Priority Standards. They are taught within the context of the Priority Standards, but do not receive the same degree of instruction and assessment emphasis, as do the Priority Standards.

- Larry Ainsworth


With the standards now prioritized, success criteria can now be associated to each standard.


Success Criteria Statements

At P4R, we’ve built our software to associate success criteria to each standard which can be in the form of "I Can" Statements. The intent of these Success Criteria Statements are to help our educators, parents and most importantly our students understand what is required to demonstrate a mastery of the standard.

A uniform set of standards, which include priority and supporting, allow multiple teachers throughout the school district to plan instruction with the same standards and success criteria in mind.

Learn how the Success Criteria Statements can be used to help plan instruction or collect student data in our Curriculum Mapping and Student Achievement Data Modules .

It all starts with standards now. See how we can help you start this process.