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Our Product

We provide a school district information management system, bridging the gap between data and action.  Our system addresses what students need to know, when they will learn it, and which areas of the curriculum have been mastered.  At the center of our system is a data warehouse that works with our innovative, integrated modules for:

standards management

Curriculum mapping


data analysis

Response to Intervention

Student Learning Objectives  


How it Works

The data warehouse is the heart of our platform with integrated modules to bring your data to life. 

Recently released modules:

  • Report Module: Create custom student or parent reports by creating a template in any word processing software and P4R will set up the template to merge with any student demographic, district, or standardized assessment data into the template
  • Student Dashboard Module: A graphical display of student performance on all district assessments and progress grades
  • Student Tracking Module: Relies on student ID barcodes to track student activity and tardy students
  • Physical Education Module: Tracks fitness levels over time using national fitness tests

Modules in development & coming soon:

  • Student Portfolio Module: Capability to upload different media (e.g. music, artwork) to our data warehouse to create individual student portfolios


Implementation and Infrastructure

Implementation made easy

At P4R, our implementation begins with a thorough understanding of your needs and data sources.  We partner with you throughout the entire process and can customize an implementation and training plan to meet your needs.  Our mission in implementation is to ensure you are successful.


  • Capability to integrate with any student information system and import historical data
  • Ability to import your existing curriculum documents even non-electronic formats
  • Flexible architecture to allow customization to meet your district-specific needs
  • Proven implementation process means you can be up and running within one week
  • Comprehensive onsite and remote training to meet your needs and schedule provided at no extra charge

State of the art infrastructure

A web-based application that is supported on all browsers means no additional hardware costs for your district.  No additional equipment is required and bubble sheets and custom bubble sheets can be printed on plain paper and scanned using any scanner.  The database resides in a secure data center for your peace of mind.  Capacity is never an issue, in fact in 2016 alone we scanned, anaylzed and stored over 1.1 million student assessments for our customers.  


Come partner with us!