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How Does It Work?

With new knowledge of your students' developmental levels, new goals and growth models can be established to help students stay on track. Each student is different so establishing a Student Learning Objectives (SLO) process that meets the needs of each individual can become a cumbersome task. Our SLO Module works towards making that process easier.


Our software supports various growth models. Our class and grade views allow for students (possibility in different classes) to be placed into identified growth models allowing for their individual needs to be targeted.

Identified district standards can now be targeted and student growth goals can be further evaluated with Type III common assessments created specifically for these students. Teachers can view the same data allowing them to collaborate on common assessments simplifying the process of standardization. 


Multiple growth models can be easily monitored and evaluated. Based on performance, students can be moved into growth models that line up with their learning needs. And with all the work done in one software suite, the process becomes a constant on-going cycle using concrete evidence as the foundation for making decisions.

With higher levels of collaboration and attention to individual student needs, the RTI Process becomes an even stronger tool to help students develop.


Powerful reports shows progress on the SLO's across the District, Subject Area, Teacher and Student.

Every student is different. Find out how we can help you meet their needs!