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How Does It Work?

 Our Progress Monitoring Module is the brain behind our software. It gathers the wealth of student data you possess and it formulates the information into a format that can be easily interpreted. With this concrete data in a format you can understand, instruction can be differentiated to best meet the individual needs of our learners.

  • Use national and state assessment data in conjunction with local assessment data to generate a more in depth analysis of student performance.
  • Use a variety of charts and reports offered in our software to disaggregate and filter data based on demographics you select.
  • Monitor and view (all the way down to the individual student level) whether identified Standards are being absorbed and demonstrated by students through the use of a Longitudinal or Comparison Analysis.

Longitudinal Analysis

Review your student data over the course of time to truly understand how your students are preforming. Disaggregate and filter data to easily sort through the large amounts of information.

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Comparison -       Item Analysis

Generate a report in both student and class views to identify how individual students answer questions in one single Item Analysis report.


Comparison - Standards Analysis

Identify which students are absorbing Standards by using a Standards Analysis report which zooms in on specific Standards that have been targeted in previous assessments.

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Comparison - Classroom Analysis

Review and compare how students from different classes are preforming allowing instructors to collaborate on effective teaching strategies for specific Standards.


With your data and analysis of student understanding in one central location, you can move forward with the process of developing individual learning plans for students using our Student Learning Objectives Module (SLO Module) or our Response to Intervention Module (RTI Module).

Don't waste another minute. Use the data the way it's supposed to be used!

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