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How Does It Work?

The craft of teaching can leave you feeling like you are on an island at times. Our Curriculum Mapping Module works towards easing those concerns. With instruction at each grade level now based on identical targets, teachers can use our Curriculum Mapping module to plan, retrieve and or modify lessons.


Standards (Priority or Supporting) can be identified and associated to each lesson plan. Success Criteria becomes associated through the defined standards and expectations for each standard can be determined by associating a level of Bloom to indicate whether the standard is meant for practice or mastery.


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Lesson plans are stored on our web-based platform creating a database of resources for teachers to access, all of which have been created using the same learning targets. All resources such as documents, PowerPoints, PDF’s, and videos can be stored in the Lesson Plan Module allowing for easy retrieval. Flexibility is provided as teachers can create their own versions of lesson plans with adjustments to help meet their own instructional style.


Instructors from different schools can begin to collaboration with one another. Professional learning communities can be established, as teachers become resources for each other.

Why reinvent the wheel?

Use the resources provided by others within your district and begin the process of professional development by collaborating with others who are working towards the same goals!

With instruction tied to standards and expectations, assessment of student knowledge using questions that have been linked to the same standards will effectively measure what students truly understand.


Get off that island and start collaborating with your peers today!

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