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How Does It Work?

Assessment within the classroom is a constant on-going process. From daily observations to high stakes test, assessments are a critical component in determining student understanding. Our Assessment Module provides a platform to help teachers collect and measure where students are developmentally.


Our internet-based software empowers instructors to create, edit, publish and store local assessments (Type II & III). Questions can be electronically mapped to identified standards and success criteria, thus allowing teachers to identify where assistance is needed or where understanding occurs.


Our Assessment Module provides the platform to connect instructional objectives or standards to specific test questions. Click on Image to Enlarge

Reading Comprehension questions that are linked to instructional objectives using our software. Click on Image to Enlarge.




Custom Bubble Sheets


New national assessments such as PARCC are addressing higher order thinking skills. Traditional multiple-choice assessments with bubbles struggle to meet the needs of both the new national test and more importantly the learning needs of our students.

Partners4Results has been working to understand this dilemma and through collaboration with our education partners, we developed our Custom Bubble Sheets to help meet the learning needs of our students. Our software allows teachers to have a single point of entry as they create, administer, and collect assessments with a variety of question types, which include multiple choice, open response, rubrics, as well as many other custom response questions.

Examples of Custom Bubble Sheets


High School English - Rubric - Written assignment with Instructor defining criteria. Bubbles are associated to performance and filled out by instructor. Click to Enlarge.


High School Geometry - Open Response Question - Student responds and shows their work for the instructor to evaluate. Bubbles are to be filled in by instructor based on performance prior to scan.


K5 - Reading Foundational Skills - Observation Assessment. Bubbles are to be filled out by instructor as assessment occurs. Click to Enlarge

Middle School Math - Fill in the Blank - Student to fill in blanks for instructor to evaluate. Bubbles are to be used by instructor as each bubble is associated to a response. Correct answers will require instructor to fill in the appropriate bubble prior to scan.


To see additional examples of custom bubble sheets, please click below.




National Assessment data (Type I) can also be integrated for storage and analysis within our software. A full view of a student's developmental level can be achieved when paired up with local and common assessments using our Progress Monitoring Module.


See how custom bubble sheets can play a role in your classrooms today!