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A New Solution for a New Era in Education

P4R's School District Information Management System is an innovative solution to bridge the gap between big data and STUDENT SUCCESS.

More data doesn't necessarily more information and better instruction.  P4R's school district information management system turns your data into knowledge and action.  P4R is your partner to provide the tools and information your school district needs for data driven education in the new era of big data. We seek to develop long term relationships with our customers to help them succeed. Join the revolution and partner with us.




Our Story

The journey for us began in 2003 with a request from a passionate educator who needed help reversing a negative trend in her school district. With a heap of data and no way to understand it, she approached us to help bring some context to the data. We took the data and molded it into a form that could be easily interpreted. Now with her data presented in a new and straightforward way, she was able to better understand her students' needs, reversing the negative trend.

This request provided us with some great insight and helped us to understand that there was a void in the education world. After years of developing software to help a major corporation analyze sales data, we moved into the education world to help educators better understand their student data.